fredag 28. oktober 2011

Erkeengelen Michael guider i det indre terrenget!

For å mestre Selvet, har vi utviklet vår superbevissthet og raffinert sinnets kraft. Alle gamle tankeformer går igjennom en fornyelse - det underbevisste gjennomgår en transformasjon. Vi vender oss innover, og kommer stadig høyere i bevissthet.

Dette sier Ronna Herman, om den fysiske eksistensen:  "A PHYSICAL / HUMAN BEING, functioning within the distorted frequency patterns of the lower third/fourth dimensions, uses the subconscious and the conscious mind along with a past incarnations memory overlay. He/she is mostly outward-focused and is strongly influenced by family conditioning, along with cultural traditions and religion. Thought patterns are often distorted and usually self-focused, thereby only seeing the small picture."

Og fortsetter:  "There are still many young Souls in the underdeveloped countries who are functioning in their ANIMAL / HUMAN NATURE and are primarily focused on the three lower chakras. At this level, the chakra centers are mostly unconscious mind centers. These dear Souls are primarily influenced by the subconscious and limited-consciousness minds. They are guided by past life and race memories, and an instinctive, survival mode reality. Most have a very narrow focus on self and family survival. These are the precious Souls who will be taken to other pristine planets where the third- and fourth-dimensional spectrum of polarity/duality will be in proper balance. These beloved Ones will have an opportunity to continue their journey in the physical realms of consciousness in a much more pleasant and nurturing environment."

Det er sju undernivåer innenfor hver av de tolv dimensjonene i vårt under-univers - det trettende nivået er der Skaperen eller Kilden er.  (Alt er inne i kroppen, så se innover når du leser om dette.)

Channeler: Ronna Herman
Message from Archangel Michael

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