lørdag 25. desember 2010


My brother Julian
is sitting solitary in his cell.
He has already purged himself of many comforting illusions
and the focus of the world is on him –
it could certainly be worse.
But even so, this is his time of testing
and the reason why he’s here.

And in support for you, my brother,
I have spent the day attempting to find truth
in what you’ve done.
I’ve read so much, my mind is numb.
But I’ve emerged with greater trust in you.
They spin the story as they want to, but, behind it all, the truth emerges
like a butterfly that everybody thought was dead.

My brother, you’re the incarnation of a superhuman drive for truth –
but you are also flesh and blood
and subject to the doubts they’ll try to summon up in you
through their infernal arts.
Feel how we carry you, you who have stepped into the spotlight
while we stay for now withdrawn.
Be filled with Hope that steals into your senses from the approaching dawn.

Michael Hedley Burton (michaelburton@clear.net.nz) 12/12/10

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