lørdag 25. desember 2010

Et eple forteller så mye ...

Self work is not a linear process. When you think you are finished with something, it nearly always comes up again in some other way. This isn’t a test but an opportunity to see a familiar thing differently. Imagine peeling an apple, beginning from the stem end, in one long spiral that reaches around and around the globular shape of the apple. Stretched out, the peel is long, reaching perhaps the distance from one outstretched hand to another if held taut. Looped loosely in a pile, the apple peel’s edges touch other edges, giving birth to new interactions. What was once part of one side of the apple now can touch an area that had been around the other side of the apple, two parts that never would have met except through the wholeness of the apple itself. Self work is like the spiral peel of the apple. What was once now comes around again, but in different form. It looks and feels the same but you can choose to view it differently.

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