mandag 20. desember 2010

Divine Empathy - Divine Healing

How many have felt a wave of depression, a depth of sadness & pain, those thoughts of loneliness and a vague sense of "no identity to call their own" along with self-dis-crimination? From no apparent conscious source? Can it come from places deep inside of us that we are not aware of? Places so deep, so buried in our subconscious that we have seemingly no clarity nor understanding why it is there? Are we refusing to See if that is the case. Mayhap it is yet I also reflect on another path these can encompass.

As our empathic natures grow we receive these more and more consistently whether we are aware this is coming from another(s) or not. Irrespective of either or both I ask I become an enabler to myself and/or others by taking on this emotions, the thoughts, the perceived isolation others may have (I confess perceived isolation has happened within this existence more than once)? Or do I make a choice, shift my perceptions, think and feel and reach beyond the box we are in? I am sure we have all read an expression that becomes more and more apart of our awareness during this crucial age upon not only ourselves, our planet but also beyond outward and inward: "When one suffers we all suffer. When one is healed all are healed." Not an unhealthy dependence but a healthy and prosperous interdependence....detaching from attachments yet embrace all/to surrender all in that same breath. In this I accept another's expression, another's pain, another's loneliness not to weaken myself in any way butr simply to re-focus and remember that through sadness is joy birthed, through pain is healing birthed, through loneliness is Unity, is Oneness, birthed. While I do not race toward them I embrace these unknown sources of emotions and thoughts. So, in Divine Balance as I heal so are others healed; as others are healed so am I healed. In essence all does work toward our evolution, our ascension as human beings, as spiritual beings, as multi-dimensional beings is apart of when our Divine Epiphanes are birthed. Let us feel joyful, let us feel free, let us feel whole as in this we reach out one to another in the Spirit of Oneness. Let Us Grow As One, Let Us Heal As One, Let Us Love and Heal as One. We Are One. Namaste

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