fredag 3. desember 2010

The Immortal Child

An ecospiritual novel authored in 1987 by Jean Hudon

From the Point of Infinity to the Point of Eternity,
there is only One Being... One Life... One Consciousness...
radiating in all directions, through all dimensions,
the infinite, eternal Presence That Is!

And Life on planet Earth is but an expression
of the infinite creativity of the One.
We are here to celebrate Its existence,
here to discover our Unity with All That Is.

Now as never before, the times are ripe for a massive change.

Humanity, amidst colossal difficulties,
has arisen from the soil of evolution on this majestic planet,
one amongst so many others.
And now the time has come for a New Beginning,
a time of complete, total Renewal
of what constitutes the Human Experience on planet Earth.
We have to awaken...
We are bound for the stars...
And the Universe is holding its breath in keen anticipation
of this magic moment when Humanity will soar
through the Skies of Infinity.

The Immortal Child is about to be born...

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