torsdag 30. desember 2010

Battle update Day 2. General Hatonn

Snapdragon Tracy

The darkness was forced a step or two back today, it was not defeat, but we have certainly forced a bit of a retreat.
There was more love and light in the world today, and all of you who sent it out to us, it helped greatly in the forward progress we have made.
We have certainly gained the upper hand today, and defeat is not an option.
The ground crew is in position.
If they are needed it will most likely be as the dark forces make their final retreat and the ground crew will be there, keeping them in order as they take leave of this world.
Our preparation was relentless, and our victory is certain.
Keep us in your love and your light and there will be no way to fail.
Remain in the light and do not allow the darkness in their retreat to grab hold, you must remain vigilant in your energy and emotions.
We expect to declare victory in the hours before the New Year.

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