tirsdag 20. desember 2011

Wake up Call: Horus, Dec 20, 11

Omstillingsperioden vil bli svært kortvarig, sier Nancy Tate og Horus, og samtidig tilbys det beskyttelse både fra Kosmos og Jorda i denne tida. 

"Wake up Call: Horus, Dec 20, 11
We look into your eyes and we see the sun. We look into your hearts and we feel your warmth. We look into your souls and we see eternity. We look into your Spirit and we see Ourselves, all of Us.

It is that time again dear ones when we are counting the days before the lunge into the New Year. We see that there is a coming time when there will be changes forthcoming on earth that will break all records and enable people from all walks of life, and all belief systems to see their world from a whole new perspective. 

There will come a time when all people on earth will be able to see what is around them with a brighter sense of truth. When that happens be ready for the turmoil that will bubble over the top of the pot and slide down the sides to cleanse the dirt that has accumulated over the evolvement of life on the planet.

I speak of all aspects of life, from the animals, to the plant life, from humans to the visiting insects, from all of the features of this great body of Gaia as is related to all of the universe. The transformation of earth and all upon and within it is to begin a whole new revolution, one of peace and joy, love and freedom. 

As the echoes of the changes die down, and we all hear the music that is ever-present coming from the hearts and souls of all existence, it will be a natural state of being that is expressed by all, not only on this planet and within it, but by all of the universe. It will be fine-tuned to be able to listen to anything that is transmitted through the airwaves. It will be through the choice of those who are able to ‘know’ the menu that is offered."       forts.

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