søndag 25. desember 2011

Divine Source Consciousness ... all that is, is in and of the ONE

Befriende!  Her kommer en annen og mer 'hjertelig' forklaring på jula og hva den vil fortelle jordboerne.  3d sin ego-forklarte og falske jul skulle dermed være avslørt en gang for alle.  Nå kan noen puste lettet ut.  Jula er her hver dag! "And so, the Christ must often be hidden where only those of it, can recognize it-- those with "eyes to see and ears to hear," sier "The Arcturian Group."

Se her:  newest
"A Christmas greeting to all.  
We come to wish you the joy and love  associated with this holiday and also to tell you about the real meaning of Christmas."   
We are the Arcturian Group."

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