fredag 23. desember 2011

58 Starships to Give a Direct Message to the Cabal

Denne meldingen er bedre enn all verdens smertestillende piller - for Lysarbeidere. Snart er alle oppvåknings-plager forduftet.  58 Stjerneskip i fullt stup nedover i frekvensene, noe så bra. Velkommen.

"Good day to you!  We have news, indeed!  You have been busy clearing up some past lives and lessons for your selves. We are very glad here, that you have come to a deeper understanding of yourselves, of your past lives, and of your mission to planet Earth and of your roles and relationship with each other. This is a wonderful development, and there will be more to come in the coming weeks, if you know what I mean. However, no need to be alarmed, the new information will only be available to you once you have processed what you have been given so far. Data is like food, it needs time for digestion and understanding. It takes time to be able to see the bigger picture.

Now, on to the news part! Nothing too juicy, but there are big things on the move. We are not making waves about all of this, because it can easily be delayed by the cabal naughty boys. As you can see, lightworkers are waking up and taking more and more stands, openly for the light. Ben is out there, putting himself on the line. He is tired and fed up of it all, as much as you all are."

Allendale to Anindzija ~ 58 Starships to Give a Direct Message to the Cabal
23 December 2011  Anonymous Channeler

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