søndag 4. desember 2011

~ Kryon og Lee Carrol ~


You are dearly loved!
     In 2012, the last measurements will be taken of the planet for the test at hand.  Whatever that measurement turns out to be will be the end of the test.  This test of energy level--the test of vibratory shift for the planet--is already at an all-time high.  The marker is being passed right now that is going to demarcate permission to change the planet.  Think of this marker as a green light that is being passed by a train that is on a track that has been tentative--almost a mystery.  Think of the track as being one that is dangerous, and that has no assurance that another train might be coming the other way at you!  Suddenly you see and pass something that gives you tremendous relief--a green light, a signal from the track controller that indicates, "We know you are here, and the track ahead is clear."  
~ Kryon Book VIII - as channelled by Lee Carroll ~  

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