søndag 25. desember 2011

Marshmallon Message

Et apropos til ekstremværet!

You are dearly loved!
     By way of your strong partnership with Gaia, you can create situations where weather will seem to "go around" where you are--like a rock in the waves. Responding to the energy that is created in a vortex of co-creation--of sacredness--the weather balance will remain, but it will go around those areas of consciousness that are created by the group.  You see, Gaia knows who you are (I told you that this might seem unbelieveable)!  There are those among you, however, who have experienced this very thing.

     The consciousness of the planet--much like the consciousness over your lives--is such that you can change certain attributes, but the system remains in place.  You can heal and clear the energy of certain areas that need it--but the system remains in place.  Therefore, there are certain places that will be healed and certain places that will not be affected, because of what you do in your lives both individually and collectively ...     www.kryon.com
~ Kryon, Book VII as channelled by Lee Carroll ~ 

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