onsdag 28. desember 2011

"The Media Consensus on Israel Is Collapsing"

Oppsiktsvekkende overskrift ... og det fortsetter ...

"With Hamas and Fatah meeting this week in Cairo, reconciliation between the rival Palestinian political parties is likely only a matter of time. Official U.S. policy holds that Hamas is only a terrorist entity, and any agreement between the two factions jeopardizes continuedU.S. aid. There is reason to believe, however, that more flexible, productive positions will be expressed in the U.S. media. Slowly but unmistakably, space is opening up among the commentariat for new, critical ideas about Israel and its relationship to the United States."   forts.

The Media Consensus on Israel Is Collapsing  2011 DECEMBER 28
AIPAC, Israel    Posted by Pat Donworth
New critics of Israel: Roger Cohen, left, of New York Times; Paul Pillar of the CIA. (Credit: Reuters/AP)

The Media Consensus on Israel Is Collapsing
Jordan Michael Smith, Salon, 12-21-2011
http://bit.ly/rAitfw   -   "Across the political spectrum, once-taboo criticism is now common"

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