søndag 18. desember 2011

David Wilcock oppdaterer 18. 12. 2011

A Quick Update from David Wilcock   2011 DECEMBER 18

"The new article has forced me to do a lot of research and preparation, including a summary overview before I go into the interview section. However, I must say it is truly remarkable to see how it is all coming together.

I really love writing, and other than The Source Field Investigations, this is the most invigorating and amazing trail of research I’ve ever gotten involved in. The stakes are high — but the amazement factor is off the charts.  Once I finish Part Two, I have to send it off to the others involved for a final proofread and approval — but hopefully we can get this all cleared up and posted tomorrow.

Thanks again for all your courage and support in helping me promote this vitally-needed truth. I do truly owe you my life, as if you didn’t care about this story, I could have disappeared.  The truth will not be stopped. Humanity will be set free. This is what we need to do to create the world we deserve."

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