søndag 4. desember 2011

Nå først er vi sterke nok til å tåle SANNHETEN!

Nå er det desperasjon der det tidligere var arroganse og selvtillit!  Montague Keen setter fokus på løgnen - i særdeleshet går han i rette med den Katolske kirken og dens blodige LØGN.   

Montague Keen:   "Though replacing IESA for the wholly fictitious Jesus has brought great riches for the Roman Church, it required tremendous effort to make it appear to the world that he had actually existed. Many millions died in the carrying out of this terrible plan. It required changing place names for these fictitious characters to have lived. They falsified the world's history. They substituted it for a tissue of lies and inventions. This deception - the suppression of truth - is a crime against humanity. Truth is progressing in spite of the oppressors. It will open the eyes of mankind to this great fraud."

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