fredag 23. desember 2011

Hvorfor er vi tvunget ...

"Why Are We Forced to Worship at the Feet of ‘Mythical’ Financial Markets Controlled by the Elite?"   2011 DECEMBER 23   

Pat Donworth:   “Not only were the new financial market gods bigger and more powerful than ever before, but the new high priests — our financial elites — earned millions of dollars, then hundreds of millions, and then billions as they collected modern-day tithes from all of us for tending to the financial gods.”

"Les Leopold presents an intellectual x-ray of a public myth — the Kingdom of Finance. He unmasks the hypnotic power that the high finance mythos has over the society, right down to the words we use to describe our money matters. But the mythos is shattering and the ‘gods’ are panicking. Countries are bankrupt, the wealth has been extracted, the Ponzi schemes exposed; the Greed, finger-pointed from every which way, including Sunday.

Leopold makes clear that not only the ‘emperor’ – but the ‘financial gods’  – have no clothes. The marketing and selling of debt no longer works. The public across the globe is realizing that the financial elite is just a cadre of greedy old men,  the one-tenth of 1% who hold trillions of dollars of capital. Perhaps trillions of dollars of worthless paper. Indications from every sector herald that ‘the end is near’ for these false money-craving gods. And Occupy Wall Street may have been the first and instigating salvo to the impending Crash of the Financial Titans.

Note that Mr. Leopold makes no mention of a new economy or NESARA, but leaves the door open. After all, after the reign of the ‘gods’ and their financial mythos has passed, life still goes on."

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