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A Call for a Million-Man March on Washington, March 6, 2011
by Steve Beckow, February 13, 2011

Steve Beckow kommer med en oppfordring til verden - vær med på en fredelig marsj mot Washington, DC, den
6. mars 2011. Jeg ber alle følge hans oppfordring om å annonnsere dette budskapet.

I call upon all freedom-loving people to come to Washington on March 6 and make their voices known in an orderly and peaceful way. I call for America to restore herself to her once-accepted role as the respected leader among nations, dedicated to individual freedom, human dignity, international harmony, and world peace.

I ask that this message be mounted to Facebook, Twitter, petition sites, and every other resource
available on the Internet. I ask you to forward it to your friends and associates. I ask that it be posted everywhere.

This elite group has been called by many names. A few of them are the Military-Industrial Complex (President Eisenhower’s name for it), the secret state, the “New World Order,” the Illuminati, the Rockefeller faction, the bloodlines, the 13 Families, and numerous others. Their ranks have included Presidents, generals, judges, senators, representatives, and many, many others in positions of power and influence.

They effectively control the United States through organizations like the Center for Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the NSA, CIA, and other intelligence agencies, the national-security apparatus, Northern Command, Southern Command, Central Command, NORAD, and other elements of the military, the FBI, the police, the civil service, the top echelons of many business and financial organizations, educational, medical, religious, and other institutions and associations and many other individuals and organizations whose identity is unknown.

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