mandag 14. februar 2011

Det blir ikke lett ...

Det er en fantastisk tid å være med på. Få se, observere og glede seg med alle de glade menneskene som nettopp har kjempet til seg friheten - etter et liv i ufrihet, noe vi alle har opplevd - om ikke i dette livet.

MATTHEW: February 13, 2011
Channeler: Suzanne Ward

Along the way, as everything in the universe keeps speeding up, heads will be spinning as significant happenings come one after another, or, more likely, simultaneously. Seeing their tattered remnants of influence coming to an end, the Illuminati will try to convince the populace that the truths that are forthcoming are outrageous, and their unwitting allies will be those who will resist having their firm beliefs upended. For example, the origin of Earth’s civilization. The staunch believers in evolution and the equally adamant believers in grand design: How easily will they accept the truth that both sides are partly right, partly wrong? And how much more difficult will it be for the religiously devout when the truth emerges about the purpose of religions and the falsehoods that are the foundation of Christianity?

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