fredag 25. februar 2011


Rising of Healing Temples
25 February 2011

This year will be a time of the rising and opening of Healing Temples on Mother Earth. There will be a Portal Alignment of some very powerful healing frequencies becoming available to those who are in Harmonic Alignment with Aquafaria.

We have recorded the Frequencies of the grand events that are about to take place. You can go to our website and listen to Mother Earth's Heartbeat of Love on the listening samples.

Please go to the Mother Earth door, download the mp3's and give them to all of the ones you love, and to those you know who love Mother Earth. We very much appreciate your help in activating these higher frequencies.
The key to our Ascension is our Alignment Harmonically into the Heartbeat of Mother Earth. When I asked Mother Mary if there was a special place that I needed to go to Ascend, her answer was the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. She said she didn't know of any other way to ascend.
THE ALBUM, "MOTHER EARTH'S HEART BEAT OF LOVE" is for sale as mp3's. The Listening Samples are Free to download.

Namaste Crystalai

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