mandag 24. mars 2014

You were the one – my friend Bruno! - Max Brun, 1960, a close friend from Danzig, Germany

Today once again I take the pen, shortly before the end of the year 19.. ,to write some lines to my only, true friend.

Today is Sunday, the 30 of December 19.. and being in my small familiar unit together with my wife,  and with candle light of the Christmas tree I let in thoughts pass the last year again and the lovely memories from the year 19.. – 19.. as well.

Years are gone. Misery, war, dissipation, escape, worries and again the beginning of a new life in a new homeland were constant companions up to this day. But what has remained to me of that time? Father, mother, brothers are dead, partly died as war victims. Only one human being, a friend in a true sense of word was my soul companion. Even if this friend, this human being, were not constantly with me but lived 12 years separated from me, his thoughts, his vibrancies were always with me.

Yes, twelve bitter years passed by till I met this human being again and I could take his hands. But never had I doubted to find this human being, because he was with me in thoughts as he is in thoughts with other people which still have faith and hope. And who was this human being? What was his name? Here I will give you the answer: MY FRIEND BRUNO GRÖNING!

 Yes, my dear friend Bruno, you were the one, who accompanied me in the most serious time of my life! You were it to which I owe everything that I start a new life today again in a new home country. You are the one which just helped other persons as before and still helps today! Also I remember how you helped many people who came to you and requested your advice or help if they got involved to judicial processes by plight or in any way that you helped, however, also that you helped many sick people by your mental strength, this I might also see at that time.

 Still today quite openly and honestly I confess that I could not understand a lot, in particular your successfully help towards other people at that time when I lived with you. But after I became convinced by your actions over and over again from the good, step by step I found trust, confidence and faith. Today I understand your deeds, your words, and your help towards the people thoroughly. And today your words are also effective which you said at that times that everything what proceeds “in small” it will happen one day “in tall”. As well as I belonged once to your skeptics, these are also even today many other people. Today, however, I could already say that also the day will dawn when they will be saddened into the deepest soul that they have not recognized the Good before - the scientifically partly still unknown - and had followed only the bad...

 May the coming year and many further decades help lots of people with your unfathomable strength and radiance and lead them to acknowledge, faith and self-confidence. May be granted to us all as such as “Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth."


Your friend (Signed) Max.

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