lørdag 8. mars 2014


Hi Everyone, 

I've been in a huge lesson on focus as of late. Some of you read this on Facebook. I had a big computer problem with my new website. The menus suddenly stopped working. I called customer service 1 who referred me to customer service 2 who referred me back to customer service 1. Tired of getting the run-around, I quit focusing on the problem and gave it to God. I proceeded to work on other aspects of the site that worked. Two days later I got the sudden urge to call customer service 2. The man who answered the phone couldn't solve my problem but suddenly I felt motivated to tell him what I did for a living. There was silence on the other side of the line and then he explained quietly that his father had passed away just a month ago. Suddenly everything made sense. I was able to communicate with his dad and have a very healing conversation. I felt wonderful, abundant, and joyous in my soul after seeing God's perfection once again. And my problem? I was guided how to edit the php.ini file as suggested by customer service 1 (don't ask me to explain what it does!) and suddenly my menus worked.

Likewise, last night I had no clue how I would achieve all I needed to do today. I asked the angels to help me want to exercise since my body needs it but I was not inspired. I asked for help answering emails, doing my newsletter, working on the upcoming show, getting some website work accomplished, cooking, etc. The "honey do" list was rather long. To my complete amazement, I woke up at 3:30 wide awake, craving a workout! I was at the gym before dawn, joyfully walking on the treadmill to crazy fun country music. Its 8pm as I write this. I've answered 130+ emails so far today, done my accounting, paid the bills, organized the office, juiced a sinkful of grapefruit, cooked for the next two days, and even got work done on the show at one of my favorite places - the local butterfly garden! In the midst of soaring music and tiny soaring miracles of nature, my soul soared, and the topics for the first 12 episode poured forth effortlessly. I think I've just found a new "satellite office!" I work best when surrounded by nature. Its still early enough to work on the website too. The most amazing part is that today has felt so unhurried and graceful. I have been present and focused in the moment, and the moments are flowing with grace.

So although I joke that I need 72 hours a day, the regular 24 does just fine when I stop focusing on what I can't do and get going on what I am inspired to do. I tell God when I need money for projects that are on the drawing board, but in truth when they pop to the top of my priority list, the money is always there. I have massive faith and trust in God's love. I feel it daily, not just coming into me, but flowing from me. Energy breeds more energy, and the more I do with love, the more energy is available to love.

I catch myself from time to time doing things without passion and I must adjust. Had I tried to work on the show at home, I would not have felt so wonderful. Instead, sitting in a misty bamboo glen with giant Costa Rican blue butterflies skimming my forehead, somehow made work seem like a treat. Had I forced myself to exercise it would have been a chore, but asking for inspiration made it seem like play. 

So try, try, try to avoid focusing on what can't be done, and instead ask for help with what you wish for. God does care. The angels are there. And you are loved beyond any human ability to comprehend :)

Love you all!
Have a blessed week!

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