torsdag 20. mars 2014

I definitely related to Karen's message regarding our Ascension symptoms. - PAO - I know many of you will too! - Where is my brain? - by Karen Bishop ~ 3-18-14

WHERE AM I ANYWAY?" "Uh. My brain seems to have departed. It is gone." "I don't have the slightest bit of motivation. Nada. None." "I can barely put one foot in front of the other!" "I have not slept for several nights! I just lay there tossing in some no man's land. . . .hovering." "Everything seems strangely flat. Like an empty flat line going nowhere." "I don't feel connected to a thing. Just me hanging here all alone dangling by that same thin thread that is barely keeping me sane. Felt like this for a long time now!" "Nothing is moving! Just so dead in the water, even though some things are happening around me, it just feels so still anyway!" "Oh, the brain fog! I cannot put a thought together." "I am tired." "I cannot move." "I do not remember who I am."

We are in the boat, and believe it or not, the boat is moving right along. Things are in the making. Things are being taken care of. Preparations are being made. During this time we must sit in our small and near invisible boats, on a still and glassy surface, with no one in it but ourselves, with nothing on the horizon, and with no oars. Our boats are being expertly navigated by a band of angels who are tending to our every need while we sit seemingly helpless in the land of nothing.

Not time to move forward quite yet. . . . but very soon. The portal of March 11 allowed for some permanent movement ahead. And through that movement and for some time afterward, we were actually able to land on a new shore. . . .to touch it. . . .to see it with our eyes. . . .and to feel what it might be like. Then we had to go back to our temporary spots and wait.

The ladder of vibrational hierarchies is now very strong and solid. This is a very good thing and a very good sign. This did not occur in times past but is now very evident. Our new structure has been successfully built. Our new lives and new spaces may have come barreling into our conscious minds over the week-end, and we may have even gained great clarity about them. Now. . . . .we are in the waiting and threshhold period before we can go any further.

This past week-end I had to go up to Asheville, North Carolina for an appointment. I had visited there on several occasions during my three years in Brevard (which is a 45 minute drive south). During this time it had similar energy to many of the high energy spots on the planet, depleted with dusty shelves of beingness as it had been sucked dry by those in the past seeking its high energy. Nothing much there. But this past week-end was quite different. It was now the crystal city in all her glory, vibrating high and truly awesome. Great crystal structures arose from her mountaintop existence and the energy there was how it had always been intended. Existing in another dimension and full of life, bursting at the seams with creativity, and calling me home to a place I knew I belonged (at least to hang my hat from time to time for purposes of "work"), I felt home and more alive than I have for eons and eons of time. The new plan for my new life unfolded as well, and even though I had been receiving glimmerings of this plan since my arrival here in North Carolina at the end of February, this time, it was as if I were actually living it now. It was here. It had arrived.

We are getting close now. We are preparing for the threshold experience. We are at the crossing. And in this, the pushing and pressure from above has been nearly unbearable of late, more so than ever before and creating enormous stress upon our beings, making some of us wonder how we will survive. But once we arrive, this pressure will subside and all the health related ailments we have succumbed to will subside along with it.

When we get to places within ourselves where we can absolutely take no more, it is most always because we are at the end of that old space. We have used up yet another temporary space and we can really feel it. We are at the end of it. At the end of our ropes, of our patience, of our everything. There is nothing there for us because we are now preparing to move forward. And along with this usually comes a strange depression and feelings of really being down.

Still, I am told, we must go slow in times to come, even though things may have changed. We must take our time. We must contemplate what it is that we truly want our lives to look like. We must ponder these things and allow our hearts to guide us. The angels are still with us in great droves. They are tending to our needs and guiding our boats. They are making sure that we go to places and situations that fit the longing in our hearts. They know and God knows what is in our hearts, as the voice of the heart is the language of the new reality. It is what speaks and what is heard. And it is in this that we will find our small boats being ever so gently navigated to our very new shores.

by Karen Bishop ~ 3-18-14

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