mandag 24. mars 2014

Through the truth towards wisdom - Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning had a hard time to make it clear to his friends, that it was just their current state of consciousness, which causes the apparent remoteness from God. It is, therefore, urgently necessary to become aware of the full significance of the saying “Life is God” and to draw the inevitable consequences from it for oneself as well as for one’s own feelings and thoughts. 

As we succeed in being convinced of the fact, that we constantly reside within the divine force field, a change into the positive direction is obtainable. It depends, therefore, exclusively on our correct fundamental attitude, whether we sense anything of it or not. Because only in a trusting attitude, it is possible to vibrate in resonance with the Divine, through which absorption of current can be affected. 
It was first through Bruno Gröning that we were made aware of, how important thought control is for our lives, as previously, the formerly widespread but erroneous opinion prevailed: "Thoughts are duty-free!" That is correct towards our fellow men, however, not with regard to our own responsibility, because every thought and the feelings accompanying it, activate powers, which inevitably retro-act to us and impact respectively alter our characters. 

Whether we are willing to except it as truth or not, we are becoming the victims of all our previous psychological-spiritual activities, and if we absorb negativity, we become even less free than ever before. Only in this way it is explicable, that among individuals there are so many preconceived notions, which are often defended by them with surprising vehemence, without them considering, whether their own stubborn allegation really be the correct one.             

It is possible only then to find out from one’s own imagination, when one is willing to put traditional, formative events aside as overcome to give space to new, positive experiences. One experiences generally only that which one believes to be true or fears as well; therefore, one need not being surprised that the positive experience seems to move into unreachable distance, if one doubts it. Consequently, God is emotionally always as close or remote to us as it corresponds to our imagination. 

It was always the effort of Bruno Gröning to make his friends understood how close God really is to us, if we only believe it without doubt.

Therefore, Jesus could say to his disciples: "I ​​and the Father are one." This note was misinterpreted to the point, as it was assumed that it only applied to the "Son of God". 

Unfortunately, it was forgotten subsequently that, according to another Scripture, Jesus taught his disciples: "That which I can do, you could do also and yet much more." 

Probably he added yet: "If only you had the necessary faith," because he also spoke to each healed individual: "Your faith has helped you to get well" All of this perished over the centuries in the ceremonial of the liturgy and became reality alienated dogmatized. (...)

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