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Mandela on Group Thought by Nazira - Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 16,  2014

Nazira:  [I believe that today Mandela has reached a higher level, perhaps the 6th dimension.  It will be easier for him to speak to me telepathically at this level.  He desires to speak to his people so much that he has foregone some training on how to communicate from heaven to Earth.  In my 35 years of telepathy, I have never heard of one so enthusiastic and determined.  Usually it takes several years to learn how to send thoughts and words to a channel.  Sometimes II assist him, so any errors are mine.]

Nazira:  Greetings, Nelson Mandela.  Is it convenient for you to send a message to your people?  I use a Galactic Communicator above my home.  It is invisible and quite efficient, so if you can put some extra energy into the delivery of your thought forms or words, they will come through and will be recorded accurately. 

Mandela:  Very good.  Then let us begin.  Let us consider education and employment.  I recall when I was on Earth, I met a man in South Africa who used beads by which to learn.  He counted the beads for mathematics.  He regarded their color as a sign of good fortune, he checked whether they were round or flat, and their shape told him what he wanted to know.  This man was self-educated.

This may be suitable for a person who is retired.  However, it will not feed a family, or send a son to university.  Employment is one key. Production is another.

However, here is a new thought.  If Africans form groups of like mind, they can work for themselves. A farm, a goat herd, extra fruits and vegetables.  An employer is not required to produce these.

What is a group?  A group is a gathering of several persons who speak the same language, live near each other, have similar needs but different skills.  Women cook and sew, men bring in the harvest, build homes.

Let them think together. What resources are nearby that can be developed?  Cocoa, figs, fish, fruit?  Can the group supply their own material for a house?  Can fishermen deliver fish to the entire group, in exchange for vegetables?  Do you need money when you barter?

Could some of the women teach a few children in their home for three days a week, and another two mothers for two days a week?  Could the fathers join with their sons and teach them how to raise goats, prepare soil for a garden, how to fish?

This could be the beginning of group thought, group action, and group governance. If a small amount of cash is required to purchase a peanut crusher, the group might apply for Micro Credit.  Let us go back to the beginning, but with new thoughts.

Will you think on these suggestions, and perhaps write to Nazira.  She will post your emails.  Let the will of the people unite the people.

Nazira:  Thank you very much.


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