onsdag 5. mars 2014

Kryon Channelling - THE NODES AND NULLS OF EARTH - PART TWO - FROM MONIKA MURANYI - Full explanation of Nodes and Nulls from the author of - 'THE GAIA EFFECT' - a Kryon book

"Have you ever been in a breathtaking place on the planet and felt a sweet energy wrap around you like a warm, delicious embrace? Could this be a portal? What is a portal? For that matter, what are the nodes and nulls of Earth? Why do they exist? Could they be part of a system? If they are part of a system, how does it work?

Science has always fascinated me, especially the interconnectedness that exists, whether it’s at the microscopic or megascopic scale; or from atoms to galaxies. Nearly every Earth scientist is aware of the grand scale of connectivity in natural systems. These systems are dynamic which constantly change due to the changes in contributing factors. An example of this is the theory of plate tectonics. Plate tectonics describes the large scale motions of the Earth’s lithosphere. It explains the movements of the Earth’s continents and the juncture of these plates is where the greatest geological activity, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and mountain formations occurs.

As a Bachelor of Applied Science student at University, and later as a National Park Ranger I studied and worked with our Earth’s natural systems but I always excluded God. I wasn’t interested in esoteric things and didn’t want to follow any of the organized belief systems (religions). It meant that I only saw the three dimensional parts of science. Yet there is another energy present, seemingly hidden because it’s multi-dimensional. An example of this is gravity. Science can study it and measure it, yet it is invisible. The multi-dimensional energy of God is also invisible but over eighty-five percent of the planet can feel it.

When my spiritual awakening began, it eventually led me to the channelled messages from Kryon, given by Lee Carroll (the original Kryon channel). The Kryon work has touched the lives of many old souls all over the planet. One of the aspects that I love about the Kryon messages is the beautiful marriage between high consciousness and high science. Millions of people can feel the love of God on faith alone, but I wanted something more. I wanted to know how it all works and if there was a system. For over 24 years Kryon has been giving messages to humanity about a grand and elegant system. On numerous occasions the scientific information from Kryon is validated by scientists, years after it was first given!

Here is a scientific fact: an astronomer and physicist, Michael Denton, discovered that the universe is biased for life and gave rise to the theory of intelligent design. Kryon tells us a more apt name is benevolent design. But what does all this talk about systems and benevolent design have to do with nodes and nulls? Actually, it has everything to do with it.

The nodes and nulls of the planet are a part of the Gaia system which was created by the Pleiadians and is “hooked” into the benevolent design of the universe." forts.

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