mandag 17. mars 2014


URGENT INFO:  The Iranian free energy scientist who has been working in Italy with his team to reveal a form of free energy to the world is being threatened and has had his site taken down and interfered wih.  He is currently in great concern for his life and making arrangements to have his material distributed around the world on the internet in various ways to preserve this vital infromation.

LISTEN LIVE ON LIVESTREAM SUNDAY MARCH 16, 2014 AT 12 NOON PACIFIC TIME.  I will be interviewing Keshe about the threats to his life and the current status of his project.
Please support this work and send positive radiant energy to protect Keshe and his family.

Go here to listen to the detailing of the various Belgium authorities that are threatening Keshe's life and family.  He gives names and details regarding the assassination attempts. OF THE INFORMATION FROM KESHE'S WEBSITE HAS BEEN RE-POSTED BY SCIENTIST STERLING D. ALAN HERE:
Thank you.

Added background information....mer:

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