mandag 24. mars 2014

The collective will of humanity to awaken has been roused, and it will not go back to sleep 03/03/2014 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms (which are far closer to you than you imagine!) we continue to observe your sterling efforts to bring humanity to its awakening and we delight in the amazing effect you are having all across the world.  You are making it happen, and the momentum that you have established is utterly unstoppable. Remind yourselves of that when you are feeling alone or down; you are, of course never alone, and down is just a mood swing or very temporary energy drop that will not last.

You have enormous support from the divine field of Love that constantly embraces you which is why, despite your doubts, fears, and anxieties, you never give up.  You know at your still-point, your energy center, deep within you, that all is divinely taken care of, and that your doubts and worries are totally illusory, even though they can seem very real and valid.  And that seeming reality of doubts and worries that you consistently succeed in overcoming is one of the many reasons why you are so honored, so admired here in the spiritual realms.  Great joy awaits your awakening, and you will not be denied it because your Father’s Will is never denied, and His Will for you is eternal joy.

Humanity’s progress on the path to awakening continues to accelerate as the love that more and more of you are intentionally extending and sharing spreads across the world infiltrating every human community, raising spirits and hopes for a new way of living that lays down arms permanently, and engages enthusiastically in harmonious communication for the benefit of all on Earth.  The collective will of humanity to awaken has been roused, and it will not go back to sleep.

You are on course, you are heading in the right direction, and you have reclaimed the power that you had given over to the distractions of the illusion which have so beguiled you over the eons.  Momentary distractions will still confuse or waylay you – but only momentarily! – as you surge forwards towards your divine destination whose glittering Lights are drawing you onwards.  The end is in sight, and now, even as you are still seemingly immersed in the illusion, you can no longer fail to see it because you have opened to the Light and it is That which is drawing you in towards Itself gently, lovingly, and utterly irresistibly.

It is with great joy that we watch over you, our beloved friends and siblings, as you progress steadily along the path to awakening.  Your awakening has never been in doubt, but it has seemed to you to be taking an inordinately long time to happen. Don’t worry!  The Love that you are all extending and sharing so enthusiastically and powerfully is insisting on humanity’s awakening, and Love will not be denied.  And, of course, you yourselves are also insisting that you wake up, because you are truly slept out!

Those of you who remember happy childhoods can probably remember waking up, thinking “Oh another school day!” and then going back to sleep until your parents yelled at you “You’re going to miss the bus!” and then having to leap from sleep into instant wakefulness, much against your wills, rush to wash your teeth, grab some cereal, and scramble on to the bus.  But on Christmas Day, or on your birthday your waking changes suddenly from “Oh no :( to Oh YESSSSSS :) ” as you realize what day it is and you leap into life awake and joyful.

Well, the awakening that awaits you is way beyond any kind of joy or delight you may have dreamed of or hoped for, and there will be NO disappointments – PERIOD!

With so very much love, Saul.

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