fredag 21. mars 2014

Humanity Is Changing Colors - Greetings I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.

" I had to come in and at least smile on this beautiful group of people. You know who you are, too, because we have been working on it for quite a while. Let me tell you something: you have set the bar a little bit higher on planet Earth than it ever was before. A lot of you are having difficulties and struggling with your old belief systems because you have already moved into the new Earth. You just keep thinking you are here in the old Earth so you are trying on the old ideas over and over again. But you are bright beings and you are going to catch on here pretty quickly, so do not worry too much about it. I am going to bring in eM in just a minute because it is easier for you to understand him. You have difficulty hearing my voice because of the rhythms, for that is how I speak to you. Dear ones, please know that we work with you from Home all the time but only when you ask. You are on the planet of free choice so nobody interferes with you, but we are always here. When you open up and say, “Come on in! Let us see if Spirit is there!,” or you acknowledge Home, we are right there. We tap you on the shoulder, smile in your face, and sometimes we work with you at night while you are sleeping because you are the greatest angels that have ever lived anywhere. You have made it through a portal that was supposed to end planet Earth, yet here you are creating a new world every moment of the day. It is not easy. It is a lot of stress and there are many new belief systems that you need to bring in and incorporate, but the beauty is there as is your heart and we see it. 

If only you could see what we see from Home—have you ever walked outside at night, especially here in Las Vegas? You look up at the sky and you can see the most incredible, beautiful colors changing. It starts out over here as pink but by the time it gets over here, it is a beautiful purple. The colors just shift through the sky and after a few minutes, everything turns the most beautiful, deep purple before it slips into nighttime. That is sort of what is happening on Earth, because the collective vibrations of Earth are changing very rapidly right now. It is almost as if you should take your picture right now because it has never been this beautiful before. Oh, wait a minute…I take that back. It is more beautiful right now. That is what it looks like to us at Home as we are watching this incredible evolution. So, what are we watching? 

We look down here and tap into your thoughts as you are thinking, “Oh, what am I doing wrong? Something is wrong and I do not know what it is, but it just does not feel right.” We know how hard it is for you to see yourselves. We know how hard it is for you to pretend to be the human but you are doing a fantastic job. You need to know that. We know you are feeling down or depressed; we know you feel disconnected but trust us, you are not. You are closer to Home than you have ever been before, and because of that you have lost many illusions of the game board which is actually perfect. You wanted the veil to thin, yet now that it is getting thinner you are complaining because you cannot see the things you used to see. Well, guess what? It is all going to get easier. There is quite a turn that is starting to take place. I am going to bring in eM now and he will tell you a little bit about what is coming.

Let Us Talk about Money

Greetings dear ones, I am eM.
This day is so beautiful! You can see yourselves and the color of your vibration. That is truly what color is—the vibration of light, a fragment of the full spectrum of light, and that is what all of you are. The beauty of this is amazing now. We wish to speak with you today about money. We are actually going to use the word. Normally we use abundance, energy, or other words because we have not been to Earth. We have not experienced your money. However, we can surely tell you about your experience because we help you with that all the time. Let us share with you a little of the larger vision. I will tell you that this was actually recorded once before, but we damaged the recording intentionally because it was not time to go out. Now it is. An Upset in the Global Economy: The Old System Does Not Work in the New World There are perfect timing issues with which the Keeper of Time works, and when he gives that signal the information is released. 

A few weeks when the Keeper sat down to record it, he channeled it well. However, the collective vibration could not quite accept it yet so we damaged the file. Very simple. He was not able to use that recording so now we will tell you what we were going to speak of, for your economies on Earth are quite interesting for us to watch. We think you know that at this point on Earth your economies have very little to do with real figures, for they are set by your expectations on Earth and that has happened. Several years ago now you had an upset, a break in that confidence, and you had everyone scrambling everywhere to try to prop things up and make things look like they were normal. You propped up everything very successfully and everyone felt that on Earth, but the reality is that very few people were set down by that energy. Since it was distributed amongst everyone on Earth not just one economy, all of you felt it. You are truly a global economy and this is the reason that we can speak about money now, because before we used to have to speak about dollars, Euros, Yen or something else in order to get your attention. You are interrelated in the most beautiful ways with money. It is actually emulating your interrelation and now that you have entered into the Third Wave of Empowerment, which is all about harmony and fitting in with the others, you are starting to see things differently. "      Forts.

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