søndag 9. mars 2014

What is the Golden Age of Gaia? - Posted by Steve Beckow on February 1, 2014

The purpose of this site is to help inform, motivate and create a planet where all Gaia’s inhabitants thrive; where we as humans evolve as higher dimensional spiritual beings; where truth and abundance are intrinsic;  and where we are, once again, reconnected with our galactic brothers and sisters.

This site serves the higher-dimensional ascended masters, galactics, and celestials we call “the Company of Heaven,” who’ve gathered around the Earth at this time to assist Gaia and her inhabitants to enter a new and golden age (1) – a world that works for everyone.

This new age was heralded by the Mayan civilization, whose last calendar cycle ended on Dec. 21, 2012 and began again on Dec. 22, 2012.

On that date, the planet itself shifted her locus of perception to a higher dimension. Unknown to those who follow the paradigm called empirical materialism (that is, believe that only what can be perceived by our physical senses is real), Gaia is a sentient being of archangelic stature, with a physical body we call “Earth” – just as we have a physical body – and a soul.

Her inhabitants are in the process of following her. In the months that follow, the beings who reside on this planet will find their consciousnesses gradually shifting from Third Dimensionality to higher dimensions – for many, Fourth and then Fifth Dimensionality, and for others, higher.

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