fredag 31. august 2012

Your Lightworker Assignment: Choose Your Sword

Your Lightworker Assignment: Choose Your Sword
By Greg Giles (This is not a channeled communication)

"If you have not yet already gotten into the game, here is how you may participate and take  a more active role in your mission as a Lightworker. If you are reading these words right now then you are advised to begin to share relevant information of the great earth changes already underway to those in your online and personal circles. Light is information, so you as a Lightworker are an information worker. Your task is to make information readily, easily and freely accessible to those who seek it, remembering always that your task is not to convince anyone of anything or awaken anyone who wishes not to be. So what information exactly can you share?

You have two swords to choose from. The Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command have asked us to share the information pertaining to their existence, their presence here and their honorable intentions to assist our world advance to the standards of a galactic community.

It is not advisable to share these as well as other channeled communications from the galactic commands in these efforts, as these communications are not designed for our purposes and therefore would not fair well. Instead, we have been advised to share video footage taken of the ships of these commands. Suitable video footage has been made easily available . You may simply click on the Facebook, Twitter and E-mail sharing buttons at the bottom of each video you would like to share.

To further assist your efforts it is a good idea to join Facebook groups where you may also share this video footage and not just on your personal page. If you do not have a Twitter account you can sign up for one, and to procure a sizable following all you have to do is first follow others. There is an unwritten policy at Twitter where when one is followed by someone they return the favor and follow you. You may find who to follow by performing a search of similar interests to yours. You may find that many people from many different walks of life find these UFO videos very interesting, and this will help prepare them for the eventuality when the crew members of these ships enter mainstream human consciousness in the days ahead.

Our goal is to minimize the shock many humans may experience upon the revelations that are soon to come. (The galactic commands have also advised us to indentify the ‘UFOs’ as Galactic Federation of Light or Ashtar Command ships, as we now know who these ships belong to and the term Unidentified Flying Object can now be stored away in the attic of our history.    

Your second sword that you may choose, and keep in mind you certainly may choose both, is to share relevant information pertaining to the ongoing arrests of the members of the criminal cabal, arrests that are expected to escalate and also enter mainstream human consciousness. Again, what we are attempting to do is minimize the shock many may experience upon learning that those they may have put so much trust and faith in have actually conspired to impoverish and sicken all of humanity, finally imprisoning all voices of discontent of their tyrannical rule. You are asked to share the information that you have ascertained for yourself of who is being arrested, why they are being arrested and what these arrests will mean to humanity.

These are your two swords that you may choose from and again, you certainly may choose both and begin your work as an information worker. I wish all of you that are new to this participation the very best success in your efforts and remind you that your work is very much appreciated by your team members of the galactic commands, and your brothers and sisters of your human family who may not understand the significance of your work today, will understand and also appreciate your efforts come tomorrow."

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