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Pure Thought Healing August 28, 2012 by Stuart Wilde

Pure Thought Healing 
August 28, 2012 by Stuart Wilde

"I was shown in the inner worlds that the act of making your thoughts pure heals you very quickly, because it destroys the dark influences around you that promote pain and disease.

I can read people’s etheric life force at fifty yards and so I can see inside an individual’s soul, but with that ability I found myself commenting mentally, especially if the person I was watching was rather ugly, or downright evil.

But to have a pure mind one must have no reaction at all, one should react neither to a person’s loveliness, or their darkness. One has to be neutral and wish everybody well and of course any rancor or spite is out of the question.

After a few days of my new discipline I found how clean my mind was becoming and how I was disconnecting more and more from the global Matrix of control and people’s dysfunction and pain. I offer a silent love and redemption to everyone I pass in the street or elsewhere, no matter who they are. This action seems to liberate one, it feels so light.

I did find that when I’m tired I relapse a bit, but I soon catch myself and I go back to my discipline resting in the state of ‘pure mind’. I found this simple discipline also helps reduce my negative thoughts and worries as it brings with it a clean serenity. In essence, one redeems oneself as one becomes more and more neutral and detached. It is a form of piety; one that is never expressed verbally to others, and yet you can be sure in that silent piety your Christ light shines ever more.

There is a perfection in its simplicity so that is why I believe a pure mind heals you, it restores the broken symmetries of your body and soul." (sw)

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