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Grandmothers Speak August Message

~ This Now Moment: Message from the Grandmothers ~

"This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you.  The time is now and women must lead.  It can be no other way."  The Great Council of the Grandmothers  are calling us to step into our power.   All  are welcome to this work. There is no charge for the Grandmothers'  Empowerment.

"Grandmothers," I said, the world today seems filled with lies, greed, and falseness. If the governments aren’t corrupt, they’re inept, and each day that they fiddle around and line each other’s pockets, our beloved planet is degraded more.  I have talked of this with you for many years and you’ve always said that fighting against things that seem wrong is an endless process, and one that won’t return the earth to balance.  

I agree with you, Grandmothers, and at the same time I have no wish to give up in despair.  So here is my question:  How can I/we be a pure vessel and hold light steady in this world?  And how do we do that without getting angry or overwhelmed?   Please answer me in a new way, Grandmothers so I can hear it,” I said.  “I’m tired of the platitudes I’ve used to comfort myself.  Yetch!” I exclaimed.  “I don’t believe them any more.  Please give me the truth, Grandmothers,” I said.  “I’m ready to listen.”

“There is nothing wrong with the world,” they replied, eyeing me benignly.  Their words triggered something in me.  “Nothing wrong with the world!” I cried.  “Talk about Yetch!  Now that statement—nothing wrong with the world--is truly yetch-worthy,” I said, on fire with indignation.  “You’re voicing one of my own platitudes—but worse!” I  fumed, but when the Grandmothers continued to regard me with that same benign look, I began to question my response.  “Oops,” I said to myself, “there may be more to this.” 

“Look at what matters,” they said.  “Huh?” I muttered, “what are they talking about now?”  “Who you are in this moment matters,” they said, and pointing to the ground before them, repeated, “in this moment.  Life exists in this moment and nowhere else,” they explained.  “Love is here in this moment.  Beauty is here,” they said.  

“How fully you embrace what lies before you matters.  Do these ideas that you seem to hold so dear, do the various governmental, economic, religious and social systems really matter?” they asked. “Are they even real?  Do they ‘matter’ in this moment or do they only  ‘matter’ in your mind?  

“Those who seek to control the world through dishonest means do not know how to live in this moment,” they explained.  “Such people are run by fear—fear of lack, fear of not enough, fear of not being ‘special’ in the world--that is why they hoard, cheat and steal.  They are run by fear,” they said, lifting their palms as if to say,“ Well…what do you expect?”  “And if you give your energy over to fighting these people, or to bemoaning your fate, to wringing your hands about the ‘evils’ of the world, you too are run by fear.”

Shaking their heads, the Grandmothers gave me a serious look and said, “Stay in this moment and do not leave it.  Stay here now.  We are with you.  We sit in this moment with you; you are not alone.  And we tell you that in this moment there is no fear.  There is nothing bad here and now.  

“Bad” is in the mind,” they said.  “Do not condemn yourself, or condemn others, judging what you do not understand.  Do not hurry and do not worry, but sit here and stay here, now,” the Grandmothers said.  “Stay with us.  

Stay out of the maelstrom that rages and blows everywhere.  That is what maelstroms do,” they explained, shrugging their shoulders, “they blow and rage. But you needn’t,” they shook their heads.“ Instead, sit with us and turn your eyes to what lies before you.  Isn’t life lying before you? Isn’t beauty lying before you?  Isn’t love lying before you?  Why would you want to leave that?  Do you want to leave this now moment for the raging and blowing of the world’s latest maelstrom? Is it truly that fascinating?

“Stay in this moment with us,” the Grandmothers said, “and then from the reality of this moment, move forward.  If you wait until you are guided to act, your actions will then be blessed.  Your actions will be blessings,”they said. 

“God/Divinity/ the One Love always abides in this moment. Always," they said.  Abide with it.”  

Grandmothers Speak

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