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Hva eller hvem er vi?   Det er vel det de fleste spekulerer på?  Hvem er jeg egentlig? Eller - Hva er jeg? Det helt sikre svaret uteblir som regel.  Premlatha har et svar her, som hun deler med alle oss andre.

 ~ Premlatha Rajkumar ~ Conscious Breathing   June 13, 2012 

You are LIFE. You come to know that you are life only when you are aware of your breath. Many a times we go through the busyness of our human situations without giving another thought to our breath. But we all know that we are now here only because of the breath, if the breath is taken away then we do not exist on the Planet anymore.

All religious, spiritual, meditative, and therapeutic practices talk about the breath as the way to health, wellbeing, self-discovery, and self-transformation.

Placing one’s awareness on the breath is a powerful way to connect with our body, with our inner world. The ego-mind is constantly busy, keeping us rooted either in the past negative happenings or in the worry about the future. Placing awareness on the breath is the only way to be released from this sickness of the mind.

One conscious breath can overpower the thoughts and stop them.
Start to practice being aware of the breath without making any change to slow it down or speed it up in any way. Just bring attention and awareness to the sensation of breathing without imposing any changes. This kind of relaxed awareness takes us deeper into the sensations and feelings of the body. Strangely, this awareness is so powerful that when we are breathing there are absolutely no thoughts. Then as awareness on the breath increases, our breath rises and falls from the nostrils to the belly. A person who is anxious always breathes shallow from the chest alone. Breathing from the belly is so powerfull healing for body, mind, and soul. The body, the brain, and the immune system is rejuvenated with more oxygen.

The Vedas say that when you breathe consciously, the breath that enters your body becomes the Prana -the vital life sutstaning energy of the Creator.

Being aware and conscious of the breath brings us to the realization that we are absolutely being breathed, we do not need to do anything to breathe, we are being lived, life lives through us every moment. It is humbling to notice that we are not the doers of anything, we are just a collection of patterns and memories. This liberates us from the thought that we are separate selves. It brings immense peace and freedom in the knowing that we are being breathed, moved, and lived every moment.

Breathing consciously we bring ourself to the Present Moment, to the freedom from the unconsciousness of the ego. Conscious breathing is a loving action, a most powerful gift we can give ourselves!

With each conscious breath we choose life, we choose love, we choose to liberate ourselves from the many burdens we carry. It is our birthright to be alive, to be loved, to be in the Present Moment.
Blessings!    ~ Premlatha Rajkumar ~

Premlatha – Conscious Breathing | 2012 Indy Info

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