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Kryon (South Africa): "Entering into a New Phase of Evolution" 29 August 2012 - Channeler: David Brown

Kryon (South Africa): "Entering into a New Phase of Evolution"
29 August 2012  -  Channeler:  David Brown

"Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service."

"Once again it's beautiful to be here in Riga, in Latvia. The weather is much warmer this time and life is beginning to happen. The spring feeling is here and the love begins to flow.

Once again, we are approximately six months away from the 21st day of December 2012 and many changes are coming to all of you, without exception, on a personal level on a European level and on a global level. All the changes are for the good; they might not look good in the moment but the love will come. Many people in power will begin to lose their power and the vacuum they'll leave will be quickly filled with people moving to a more loving and caring reality. We are entering into a new phase of evolution and evolve is love spelled backwards and forwards.

Evolution means that things will change permanently and always for the better as opposed to revolution. Revolution means to go round and round in circles, from one despot to the next, one crazy government to the next. And human consciousness is changing; the lights are going on all around the world. Hearts are opening and love is flowing; the love is flowing towards a fairer and more honest society. There are those who want the status quo, but the status quo will lose this time; there are too many things in the favour of new consciousness. The secret to the shift is to be at peace and let the evolution happen on the inside of you. The more energies that you allow to flow through you towards your inner world the more harmony and peace will come to you and your world.

It is for you to take care of your personal world and your personal life and let the big picture change. Many of you are becoming quite proficient at healing yourselves and others and the information and the knowledge about healing is going to become clearer; you'll understand yourselves much better and understand the art of manifestation, you'll understand why your relationships don't work and you'll be given the knowledge to make them work.

The love will flow. The love is already flowing for many people and love will become mass consciousness. Your world is going to change in a very big, big way. And those that stand in the way will be swept away as if they're trying to stop a river in flood."   forts.

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