fredag 10. august 2012

Welcome to Wake up Call: Hatonn, August 10, 12

Wake up Call: Hatonn, August 10, 12

"Today I would like to speak of what is coming to be for many of you. I am Hatonn and I see that many of you are in a form of intellectual muddle. This comes with various incidences in your lives and they are interrupted by the energies that are erratic right now.

As you go through the trials of the day and find that you cannot cope with them as well as you could over the years, it is important to realize that you are undergoing a stress factor that is more intense than it ever was before. With the onslaught of stress, comes the clearing out of what it is that has triggered it in the past. That is why it is so intense in these times. It is not only releasing and triggering old incidences of stress that have not been released, it is also addressing those of the present time.

What you can do in these times is to first of all know that this is what is taking place. That can ease your load tremendously. Second you can then go on in your life focused on something that is joyful, productive and fun. Anything at all that comes to mind is the best thing that will get you out of your doldrums. You will then feel an immediate lift in your heart and mind and from that moment you can realize that in that moment you created a brand new way to lift your spirits that is uniquely keyed to your beingness. That is the strength of your power and love for yourself.

As these times come to the level that brings you to a heightened frequency, you will find all kinds of new awakenings coming into your life. There will be many factors that will bring to you new experiences that are based in your inner selves. With these new awareness’s you will realize that you are opening up a whole new way to relate not only to yourself, but also to your responses to things and events. It will begin to change and heighten your awareness of what is taking place on a universal level."

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