fredag 17. august 2012

The New Earth energies august 2012 - kanalisert gjennom Celia Fenn

The New Earth energies august 2012

Kanalisert gjennom Celia Fenn august 2012

Kanalisering av Erkeengelen Michael

"Beloved Family of Light, in this year of 2012 you have just passed a Singular Time Marker…the Lion’s Gate of 8 : 8, the 8th of August 2012.  This marks the beginning of the Planetary New Year and the New Cycle of Energies leading into 2013 and the Manifestation of the Multi-Dimensional New Earth into your Reality.

What a Joy, Beloved Family, to welcome this Blessed time and the Transformations of the Earth to her Higher Reality and her New Destiny.  Yes, your Earth is in the process of ascending into her new role as a Member of the Galactic Council, and into a time when the Planet/Star will be guided in her further Evolution by her own Councils of Light.

The Lion’s Gate was always a particular celebration of the Sirius energy in collaboration with the Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Keepers.  At this time, your Sirian Light Family celebrate your “graduation” to independent status as the Wisdom Keepers and Earth Keepers of the New Earth.

Many of You who are ready are now activating your Solar and Galactic Light Bodies and moving into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.  You are taking great strides forward as you prepare yourselves for your work as Earth Keepers and Navigators of “Spaceship Earth”as she transits the 2012 portals into the New Earth Frequencies of Light.  As you enter into this New Work, you will feel Joy, Strength, Purpose and a sense of Achievement as you move through this Transit without disaster or catastrophe, just as we assured you for many years!

Beloveds, this will be a confusing time for many around you.  There will be a final “lifting” or clearing of the long held “Atlantis Syndrome” of fear, when the fear of global catastrophe and punishment will be released from the Collective Consciousness, and the Planet will move forward without any of the old belief systems that caused fear, lack and suffering.  As this process occurs, many will feel confused and lost, as if without a center, as the Collective Consciousness begins to formulate a New Perspective on Life and on Social Evolution.  This will be most evident in your political and economic systems and in the great changes that will be made in the next five years." forts.

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