torsdag 16. august 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/16/12 ‘New Banking and Financial System’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/16/12 ‘New Banking and Financial System’
As channeled through Greg Giles

"Everlasting changes are changes that are made carefully and meticulously, based on well conceived plans that are made and that have the ability to develop systems and governance that can withstand many long years and many changes that may test the integrity and strength of these systems. Here in your world today are many examples of systems that have not survived tests of their integrity, their strength and their design. Here you have systems that have in many cases completely collapsed under just their own weight and not any outside force or influence. You have here systems of banking, of finance, of politics, of government, of education, of medicine and hospitalization that had never any chance to survive the long run, as they were weak and flawed in their original conception. They had no chance, none of them, to serve the people for any great length of time, and most of these systems were not even well enough designed to serve the people beneficially, adequately, efficiently or fairly for even a short length of time.

This is in many cases simply appalling, as these systems were in large part designed for one purpose and one purpose only and these systems carried out that chore very well, and that was to enrich and empower a few while stripping the masses of all their wealth, their health, their freedoms and their power. That is what these systems were designed for, and in this perspective these systems were designed very well for these purposes, for they have done just what it is they were designed for in the first place. We are here to help you tear down these systems that have helped tear down your society while building up the lives of a few. That is one of the main reasons we are here, and we need your cooperation, your assistance, your faith, your confidence and your willingness to first tear down most of these systems so we can begin together building new systems of governance, of finance, of banking, of health and education.

As we have discussed earlier, some of these systems are ready to collapse immediately and we must proceed with great care, as it is much wiser and beneficial for your people to give the breath of life to some of these systems while we simultaneously construct new systems to replace them. It is not always necessary and it is not always prudent to tear down one system completely before its replacement system is already up and running. We are sure you can understand this when we simply look at say one system and examine the shortfalls of allowing it to collapse or to precipitate its collapse before its replacement system is fully operational."  forts.

Ascension Earth 2012 

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