søndag 26. august 2012



Dear Arcturians,

"I have been feeling the beginning of this message inside.  Can you continue the rest of your message now?"

Good Morning Suzille,

"Yes, we were speaking with you in your sleep last night, but you were too tired to bring forward any of our message. However, you couldn’t remember the first few words, which have actually been in your mind for quite a while. Furthermore, we had to present the dynamics of higher thought before you and your readers would be able to deeply understand what we are about to say.

Our Dear One, we have spoken to you for many of your years, but we wish to tell you that we are about to take a quantum leap in the information that we send you. Previously, it was unsafe to send you certain information and/or your mind was not ready to receive it. However, the world is much lighter now and the danger of offering the TRUTH is greatly diminished.

Therefore, we have decided to share some unique information through you and through many other Earth Representatives. We prefer not to use the word channel, as a channel is erroneously thought of as one who is not of our Beingness. Of course, those through whom we speak, in fact, everyone, is ONE with our Being, for we resonate to the eighth through tenth dimensions of formless unity with ALL life. However, we will be moving into a higher frequency, just as you will.

In fact, all life in this Universe is experiencing an Octave Jump in resonance. There are some who will not be able to participate in that leap in vibration, so they will be re-located to another Universe. They will not be aware of their relocation, and will likely experience Gaia’s ascending reality as an “interesting dream.” They will have no sorrow, as they will not know that they have left.

They will not know that their reality has changed because they were not even awake within the Ascending Earth reality. Therefore, they will continue to slumber within the reality that will be new to them, but they will not know that it is new. Now, we hear your question of, “What about those who care for them? Will those who remain in this reality miss these people?”

Our answer is that anyone who is awake enough to read this message is already the creator of his or her reality. If that creator wants to create a reality in which they are with that person or persons, they can offer a thought-form filled with their love in which that person can leave a component of his or her Essence. Then, that person will have the opportunity to remain within this world, while they are still bi-located into their other reality.

You must remember now that ALL of you, even if you are deeply asleep, have myriad realities in which you participate because you are ALL multidimensional. Therefore, the force of LOVE that offers a thought-form in which the sleeping one can continue to experience your ascending reality will be added to their reality in the other Universe.

Remember, ascension does not mean that you loose anything. Ascension means that you can experience myriad choices of reality within the ONE of the NOW. Even if one’s grounded form is asleep, their Soul is infinitely awake.  Therefore, if this loved one’s Soul chooses to accept the thought-form you have offered, which will appear to be fully physical, your love can offer him or her an extended stay within your ascending reality.

If that loved chooses to keep a portion of their essence within your ascending reality, they will have a “higher reality to serve as a strong base from which they can be a leader in their reality in the other Universe. They can choose to pull out of the other reality and focus on the process of ascension. Or, they can choose to pull out of the thought-form body that your great LOVE has created for them.

We know that the concept we have presented appears impossible to your third dimensional thinking. However, embracing the impossible is one of the most important changes you will be making during your ascension. Another challenging issue will be whether or not you will continue your ascension if this loved one pulls out of the thought-form you have created with your love."   forts. 

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