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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/10/12 ‘The Science of Timelines and their Prediction’ - As channeled through Greg Giles

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/10/12 ‘The Science of Timelines and their Prediction’  -  
As channeled through Greg Giles

"As we will move forward now with our plans for this world, you will begin to see rapid changes in many governmental systems as well as other systems throughout your societies. These changes, although gradual in some areas must be sharp in others as there are not too many choices that we have here, as some of your systems must tumble as if a rug has been pulled out from under them. We wish to proceed as slowly and as cautiously as is possible and we will do just that, however, in some cases as slow as we could go would still be considered relatively fast from your perspective, as new systems need to be built quickly to preserve much of your world and to safeguard some facets of your life such as food production and distribution and other areas of necessity such as your water and electricity utilities. These systems need to be preserved for now, for we do offer you replacements for these systems that will change how you produce these commodities and how you distribute these commodities, however, these changes must for the time being be put on the back burner, so to speak, while we focus our efforts in other areas that necessitate them being moved up the list.

We feel you will understand this when you realize that at this current time period your planet sits precariously upon a few different outcomes. We will refer to these outcomes as timelines, and we will discuss these timelines, how they differ from each other, what will cause a shift for you from one timeline to the next and how we feel it would be best to prepare for all of these possibilities, for we do not know which timeline it is you will choose through cause and effect, through your thoughts, actions and intent. We do not possess a crystal ball as many of you think, allowing us to easily read you your fortunes. This is not how it works. How it works would be that we do possess certain technology that assists us more accurately project future timelines. We also possess technologies to allow us to visit, if you will, future timelines to assess them and to gather reports, research and surveys and return this data back to our present time. We do not however possess any means to predict which timeline it is anyone will experience by altering their course through choice.

Do you understand this difference? This is a very important point. We wish for all of you reading our words today to think about what we just said and reread this section of our message today and study it, for we want all of you to be very schooled on this topic as well as many more, but for today let us focus on this, the science of timelines and their prediction. We do not possess any technology or psychic abilities to know precisely which timeline a people, even our own people, will choose and experience through their creative powers of manifestation through words, action and intent."

Ascension Earth 2012

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