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What does it say? Visionkeeper August 31, 2012

What does it say?
Posted on August 31, 2012   What does it say? | One World Rising

"This picture has grabbed me continually when I shuffle through my pictures for my posts. I love it yet I pass it by. I decided today to not pass it by and find out what it will finally tell me though my words. I find the shapes gentle and beautiful. That is what I love so about nature, it curves and swirls and is soft, not straight and rigid. The incredibly beautiful ferns in this picture bend with such perfect grace. They are soft and supple and this tells me that we too must learn to be soft and supple and bend with the flow. If we are rigid we are susceptible to snapping under great pressure, like trees in a hurricane. Look at the plant life that survives such storms. Always the ones that bend and the houses of straight and rigid lines are torn apart. There is so much we can learn from nature if we just take time to look and see what it offers for guidance.  The dead leaves that get swept downstream in the current tell us to go along with the flow, do not swim against it. The flow in the current will carry us along with ease and deliver us to where we are meant to be.

The delicate mushrooms in this photo speak to me of shelter and protection from the rain as umbrellas offer us. What wonderful little houses for bugs needing shelter from the rain. What about our shelter? Have we secured a home to protect us from coming storms? Have we created shelters within our hearts to shelter us from the chaos of a world out of control? Have we followed the path of love and gratitude that always guides us to peace within? We need these shelters to help us through these storms we are being buffeted by. If we don’t have these spaces in which to reside we are vulnerable to the elements and we get caught up in the chaos and we no longer are flowing down the stream with ease.

It is so important for us to stay connected to Gaia for she has many ways of teaching us how best to interact with our lives. The wildlife has learned to survive without aid from Government subsides, so can we. The animals don’t start wars and decimate innocent creatures because of their egos. Somehow they have learned how to get along and stay in balance in the world.  It is we who create the imbalances! It is we that kill off a species that allows another to flourish and become a problem to the environment and to others. It is somehow well-known in the animal world that balance must persist or chaos will exist.

Nature and the animal kingdom have things under control that allow them survival. If we ignore what they have to teach us we are fools as we can see by the predicament we find ourselves in today! Our careers and living conditions such as city dwelling has disconnected us from nature. It is why for so long we have allowed the destruction of the environment with so little backlash. If we are disconnected we tend to lose the importance of something. We must reconnect and save our planet while it is still in one piece. We are destroying the very shelter we have for our survival. How foolish can we be?

We have allowed many of our abilities go by the wayside. How many of us still have the ability to go out into the wild and forage for food? We seem to think that is no longer necessary because we have a major grocery chain just down the road from where we live. So tell me, how do you know that store will always be there or the food will always be available to stock those shelves? We seem to think we no longer need these abilities until an emergency or disaster of some type arises and then we panic and flounder and are at a loss as to how to take care of ourselves. We run to our so called Government.

This vulnerability is one we need not have if we take the time to reconnect and take in the messages that we are offered from the world around us. We have forgotten how to be self- sufficient because we have grown lazy and have allowed ourselves to depend on someone or something else other than ourselves! It is time to reawaken, not only to what is being done to us and to our world(our shelter) and save it, but because our very lives depend upon us knowing how to survive under any conditions and we have forgotten how! Time to pay attention and relearn, so that we may be self-sufficient and survive."

Blessings to you all,

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