mandag 27. august 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/27/12 ‘Communiqué from our Commanders’ As channeled through Greg Giles

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/27/12 ‘Communiqué from our Commanders’   As channeled through Greg Giles

"Clearing the way for the initiation of the projects and programs we have spoken to you about is the necessity for you and your people to rid your societies of those that are controlling you, manipulating you, threatening you, those who work tirelessly to block you from achieving new goals and experiencing what it is wish for yourselves here in your world. We cannot, as we have said, come down to your surface world and land and begin to work with your people in the construction of new systems until a suitable time when we feel the cabal and their large web of negative influence has been adequately shattered, at least to some degree. 

We are not requiring you to incarcerate and hold for trial every single member of the cabal, their associates and their minions. This would be too much to ask, and what we are asking is certainly not too much. Let us be clear about what it is we do require of you, the people of Earth, and those who we refer to as our Earth allies. We require of you to make suitable advancements into the infrastructure of what we shall refer to as a web of deception, of corruption, of negative influence of a criminal empire that stretches like a large spider web all across your planet and into even small corners and crevices of small countries and regions. We feel it would not be prudent for our organization to come down to your surface world while these wrongdoers, these criminals run free to reign over the control of so many parts of your world and systems of your world.  

It is in exceedingly difficult for us or anyone to begin to deconstruct and reconstruct, and in some cases, create entirely new systems while there are individuals planning and scheming for the immediate demise of the systems that we intend to create. We feel you can certainly understand our position here. We are asking of you to adequately destroy some of this web that stretches all across the face of your planet. By this we mean we would like to see their web of communications struck down, their chain of command infiltrated, and as many of their key members as is possible incarcerated for their crimes that they have already committed.  

We are not waiting for them to commit new crimes as this is unnecessary, as there exists already a mountain of evidence, more than is required for their arrests, incarcerations and convictions. This we are very confident about. We have great legal teams that have combed through every page of the documentation pertaining to the crimes of these individuals including conspiracies that, if allowed to reach fruition, would have seen to the complete demise and destruction of the human race. Is this not enough dear ones, for you to act upon these arrest warrants and take these individuals into custody? What is it you are waiting for them to do? Are you waiting for them to succeed in their diabolical plans to destroy your societies and much of your physical planet as well, because this is what their intentions are, this is what they are planning, this is their agenda."   forts.

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