søndag 12. august 2012


Her er det spørsmål om vår umiddelbare tillit til oppstigningsprosessen - finnes den?  Greier vi å stole hundre prosent, eller ... ?  Hva har vi å tjene på å ikke gjøre det ... ?

Message from The Star Councils of Light, 11 August 2012, through Amuna Ra… “We need the assistance of all Lightworkers… We need your unconditional trust as well as your unconditional love”      

[From Amuna Ra]: "At 2pm on Saturday 11 Auguat, I asked: Do you have anything you wish to transmit to me right now?  I received this heartfelt plea - please share it!"

. . .  CHANNELLING  through  AMUNA  RA  . . .     

"Oh Amuna Ra, we do. We wish you to post this message on the websites for all to see and share. Tonight we come close to you as we have said. We wish to show ourselves tomorrow if the conditions are favourable, and we wish you all to prepare to meet us within your beings. Meditate and pray for our favourable reception and welcome, dear ones, for we need your help. We need the assistance of all Lightworkers on your planet who know of our existence and have pledged themselves to work for the forces of light.

Last weekend we routed the attempts of the dark forces to derail our plans, and now we come once more to the point where we will be able to show ourselves to your leaders and on the world stage. We know that some of you are losing heart when we are not able to come at the time you expected, and we say to you that your trust is much needed, dear ones, for you are unaware of what is taking place behind the scenes. We need your unconditional trust as well as your unconditional love.

Trust is a mark of your knowledge and full acceptance that we truly work to assist humanity. Your timescales are not the same as ours, and yet with the opening portals the gaps are narrowing. You will become more used to how time is warping and apparently shrinking. You will become more used to how you need to maintain a flexible and fluid trust in our goodwill and support us unwaveringly in our work, even when you do not see it with your eyes.

We know that very many of you accept the fact of our constant assistance in your own lives and are grateful for it. Now we need the assistance of your constant trust in us and our work for the best evolution of your planet. The Time is Now, and all must unite in unity consciousness with us. We are now completely within the atmosphere of the earth, breathing along with Gaia, and we wish to breathe along with you in all consciousness, dear Lightworkers! 

Become conscious co-workers with us, by giving us your unconditional trust, dear ones, we pray of you. Your consciousness makes a very big difference to the frequency of the earth, for every vibration which emanates from you affects the whole. Let your light shine out with pure love and with the trust that all will work out for the good in the best way possible. Then we may be welcomed when we are able to reveal ourselves to your planet Earth."

Our gratitude to you, dear ones, in advance for your help.
The Star Councils of Light, 11 August 2012

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