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Visionkeeper – Learning Lessons… – 27 August 2012

Visionkeeper – Learning Lessons… – 27 August 2012 link to original article


"I saw this picture and fell in love with its being. It captured my dream of a home with wide-ranging fields and serenity. I saved the picture and came across it this morning and for the first time I heard its message loud and clear. I have a way of wanting it all. I see pictures with rooms that I love and I think about how I could create that, but then I’ll find another a few days later and repeat the process. Obviously I can’t have them all.

The message I got today was “Be happy with what you have”.  I have this driving need to experience everything. It is not envy that makes me want that field in my front yard, I want to experience having that field in my front yard. Once I do I will move on to the next thing. I have never understood this need to experience everything, I wish I did as it gets exhausting at times. I guess I have to try harder to be happy with what I already have, but I don’t really think that is the issue. I truly like where I live. It is like I have to experience everything I possibly can, almost as if I am to report back about my experiences. To whom? Why? I think I need to spend this day contemplating this all.

I think the era of the ’80′s have it all mindset’ didn’t do any of us any favors. Somewhere along the line we learned to want more! That was when we sadly lost the understanding of simplicity and its perfection. The more we wanted, the further away we got from who we really were. It is an art form to be happy as you are. We have been trained to think differently for so long now, it is a challenge to change those thoughts. We have been taught through television that we are flawed. We are too fat, too thin, not right in the mind, not eating correctly, not exercising enough, not smart enough, not worthy of. It is an endless parade of advertising that delivers the messages to us that we are not right as we are. I say we are! I say it is time to release those messages and reconnect with the wonder of who we truly are within. Forget all we have been brainwashed into believing, we are magnificent.

I remember a friend that went to India once. While she was there she saw a gentleman meditating in front of the Taj Mahal amidst a busy crowd of sightseers. She was amazed at his ability to stay seated quietly amidst the chaos. She sat nearby and waited until he had completed his meditation. She approached him and asked how he was able to do what he did. He thought for a moment then told her “one must learn to be at peace no matter where they find themselves.” What he speaks to is so true. We must learn to be happy and at peace wherever we are, with what we have or don’t have, we must find that peace within that we can take with us anywhere we go. That is being truly at peace within.

The not being happy with who we are or what we have or have not is what distracts us from the very thing we are seeking. The constant dissatisfaction with what we don’t have or who we aren’t, is an illusion as much as the world we live in today. It is a learned way of being and we must unlearn it! There will always be someone who has less than or more than ourselves. It is a fact and to try to achieve a state of perfection is a battle we cannot win. There will always be the desire to want more or better, until we stop and accept things as they are and be happy with that. That is the true art form we must challenge ourselves to achieve.

So I guess along with learning to be a loving and compassionate person, being honest and staying in our hearts, we can add to our to do list learning to be happy with what is. If we can master these four states of being I think we will be well on our way to the new world. This is our homework we need to complete. Put this list somewhere you can see it everyday and make perfecting this list a part of your daily life."

Blessings to you all,

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