fredag 17. august 2012

All Levels Evolve ~ As Below So Above Channeler: Steve Rother

All Levels Evolve ~ As Below So Above 

Channeler:   Steve Rother

Wednesday, 15 August, 2012 

"From Steve: In this channel the group spoke about the how the wave of energy is affecting other harmonic levels. One of the big concerns is for those who have stepped out of the body and died, but have yet to go Home. Earthbounds, ghosts and many other names have been used to describe this in-between level of existence. The group says that the beings in these levels are now feeling great difficulties as this wave of energetic change continues to play out.

The group wanted us to become aware of the stress being felt, as it also creates potential opportunities for many to return Home. With very little effort, all of us can make a big difference here. If we are bearers of the light, we should welcome dark places. The important part the group wanted us to remember is that as souls, we now have an opportunity to re-unite on all levels."

Have a great month and exercise compassion!


Greetings from Home

The Reverse Wave Has Begun

"The connection between Home and Earth has become much faster, especially over the last several months. Planet Earth is now changing in preparation for what is to come. Imagine what it would be like to have a giant wave of water like a tsunami coming in to change everything in its path. Before the wave comes in, the water first goes out toward the ocean and seems to form a reverse wave in anticipation of the huge one that is expected. It is as if the negative energy needs to draw everything out before the positive energy can flow in to make the change. This is typical of wave patterns.

We have been speaking about wave patterns for some time. Now we are about to tell you of the wave you are creating and the tremendous effect it is having. You are excited and ready to ascend. Very simply, that excitement is stirring within you and causing your heart to beat in such a way that you have created a vibrational movement around you. When you combine the vibration with that of other like-minded people around you, it forms a conglomerate of waves. All waves begin strongly, but when they meet resistance they fade out and eventually become a straight line. This is indicative of all wave patterns until you have two waves occur together.

When two waves combine, they surround the center equally on all sides and by its very nature it does not degrade. These are known as scalar waves, and we tell you that you are doing this with your hearts. It is happening on a global basis, not just in one segment of humanity, one area, or one country. It is literally taking place on many different levels at the same time. Because of your established structures and cultures, this new energy will be incorporated slightly differently in various parts of the world. Right now all of humanity is making monumental steps in raising vibrations, and by doing so two things are occurring.

First, you are closing the gap between what you think of as heaven and Earth. Your spirituality, that part of yourself which you've always been trying to think of as separate, is now communicating in a different way with your mind and heart. You are starting to reach into new truths and areas that uncover your powers. You are re-membering more of Home and daring to look at that, which is profound on this planet at this moment. So, dear ones, your own connection between you and that part if you which is your spirit is growing stronger. As we have said before, as all of humanity evolves there will come a time when every one of you will start to channel. During that time the word channeling will disappear, for you do not need words to describe things that all of you do."  forts.

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