søndag 26. august 2012

I R I S - Channel: Kris-Won, August 21, 2012

Source: Iris

Hello brothers and sisters, 

"During this time in which we haven't had the opportunity to communicate, I have been crosssing the oceans and seas, carrying out some missions that my Elders have entrusted me. 

I am Iris, a memberI of the Mermaid Aquatic race; my lineage is one of the most ancient of my race, and my family has seen born and die innumerable generations, from the furthermost past of our liquid habitat, from so far back that not even the eldest and wisest among us can even dare have a glimpse of it. 

For thousands of generations we have shared our beloved planet with our brothers from the surface, "the air breathers" -- as some among us call you -- and there were times when the sailing ships, the frigates, and the 'drakars' were the fastest vehicles utilized by you, with which the encounters between us were more frequent, for men spent much more time than now in the immense blue sea, bravely crossing it from end to end. 

We have sung Love songs, and also war songs on the deck of many vessels constructed by former sailors, we have drunk from many horns and jugs with spirits, embracing those strong and valiant sailors, exchanging endless stories that, in turn, had been told to us by our ancestors, legends we have kept through the centuries, passing it from fathers to sons, mouth to mouth, maintaining a generational chain. 

We have laughed together, telling each other funny anecdotes of this and that culture that opened our hearts with glee, and we have also cried hearing sad tales of this or that race. 

There was a time when you, the beings with air lungs, and us, the beings with gills like our brothers, the fish, had hundreds and perhaps thousands of encounters, chatting in happy camaraderie, under the gaze of sparkling and brilliant stars at night, shining over our heads soaked by the salty ocean water. 

Then, man discovered how to fly like a bird, and by preferring to cross fast the sky to slowly crossing the oceans, just like unhurried men did in the past, thus the human being of the surface started to distance himself from our presence, and our ancestral alliance became a beautiful story of the past, but no more one of the present. 

As men of the surface usually do, as time went by, you started to modify the facts of what had really occurred, turning our solid and firm alliance into a distorted and hilarious legend where we are remembered as monstruous beings who would attract the sailors with certain hipnotic songs, just to drag them down later on into the depths [of the ocean] where they would drown. 

After a long pause of several months, I wanted to clarify to you in my first message through my channel, Kris Won, that the true history that took place between the two races was much more beautiful than what you have heard of to these days. 

I trust and I ask the Creator for it to be so, that in all Celestial spheres and worlds in a not too distant day we can meet again and continue our friendship just like we enjoyed it already so many days and many nights ago ... 

Receive, my dear brothers and sisters, all my Love -- no, all the Love of my race, and I tell you again of my wish for us to be able to meet again ... some day." 

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