torsdag 16. august 2012

Earth's Magnetic Ley-Lines

"Due to the increasing geomagnetic transitional period as described above, magnetic ley-lines are reorienting into various and unpredictable north-south east-west zones. For migrating species, the problem appears to be worsening, causing great concern to biologists and zoologist. 

Increasing numbers of whales and dolphins are also getting disoriented to the point where they get stranded in shallows. Mammals that have been rescued and directed back to sea are found stranded once again, sometimes on the same beach, as if being guided.

It is now known that migrant species such as birds, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, several fish species such as salmon and trout, possess a mineral called magnetite. Experiments in a controlled environment have definitively proven the existence of an internal compass. Species that rely on Earth's magnetic field are expected to go through a period of chaos of which many species may not survive.

Scientific records from deep sea core samples which include "faunal", suggest historical geomagnetic reversals appear to co-exist with period extinctions. Today, as the chaotic shifting of the geomagnetic field increases, disorientation among these creatures is escalating at an alarming pace."  forts.


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