fredag 17. august 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/17/12 ‘The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/17/12 ‘The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven’  As channeled through Greg Giles

Saint Peter holding the 'Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven' (Matthew 16:19) . The keys 
symbolize frequency, as frequency can be expressed as a musical tone, pitch or 'key'. 

"Resurrecting your dreams, your hopes, your accomplishments and your new home will be an achievement beyond any that you have ever made. What you have to look forward to is something that not many beings, if any at all, throughout this entire universe are blessed so to experience. We have planned for you and see for you so many wonderful things that so many of you who today may feel tied down to an unrewarding, un-pleasurable, unexciting, un-wondrous and unloved existence will, like a springboard, catapult into an entirely new reality, fresh in its grand tapestries of excitement, adventure, mystery, beauty, wonder, reward and surprise. 

This is what so many of you have in store for yourselves just up ahead beyond the next-door that you will successfully step through. Do not allow yourselves to feel glum now, to allow yourselves to deflate, as it is this air of expectation, of childlike excitement and anticipation that is the air that fills your balloon that will lift you up and out of your current fairground of reality. Do you understand this, that it is your attitude, your inner emotions that are such an important factor in helping deliver you to where it is you want to be and what you want to experience? Your mindsets are preciously important factors at this and all times. It is entirely necessary for each and every one of you who wants more for yourselves, who wants something different and better for yourselves to safeguard and cater to your mindset, your attitudes, your demeanor, your outlook, your expectations, your mood as well as your physical health at all times, for all of these things factor in to your journey.

What you are thinking and feeling at any given moment is painting for you the portrait of your life that will be complete and gifted to you in so many days ahead. This is how it works in this universe. It works no other way. This is how it was designed and this is how it functions at this present time and will continue to function like this until such a day when your Creator decides that he wishes to change these parameters, these rules of operation. If you understand this, then we say to you start today, start painting a brighter, more promising and more positive outlook for yourselves. This doom and gloom scenery that many of you are painting with each brush stroke today may not be the portrait many of you have in mind to hang on your wall of your new reality."  forts.  Ascension Earth 2012 

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