torsdag 23. august 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/23/12 ‘Health & Well Being Programs’ As channeled through Greg Giles

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/23/12 ‘Health & Well Being Programs’  As channeled through Greg Giles

"Holding on to your dreams is a sure fire way for you to remain focused, to stay the course you have been traveling and to receive just what it is you have always wanted. To give up now, to forsake the dreams you have preserved inside you would be such a shame, as you are just a step or two now from the entrance way of the great kingdom that you have longed for, in some cases, for many eons of journey. There is nothing and there is no one that can stand in your way but you. Do you realize this? Do you realize that it is only you and your choices that could possibly stand before you and all that you have dreamed of, all you have ever wanted? It is you and you alone who are the guardsmen, the gatekeeper of this paradise, this kingdom, the realms of the higher dimensions.

So what is it that you are choosing? What is it that is keeping you from experiencing all that you wish to experience? it must be something, or else there would not be so many of you concerned that you may not ascend when the time comes for this great leap in your consciousness, in your reality, for if there were nothing in your lives or about yourselves that you felt was weighing you down, then each and every one of you would today be showing nothing but faith, confidence and surety that when the time came for you that you would be fully prepared and will have earned your right to step through the gates of this blessed kingdom.  

So what is it in your lives that is so important, so addictive, so time consuming, so difficult to remove yourself from its presence? Are we only talking about the use of drugs here? In some cases, we do not know this because there are those of you who have not shared this information openly with us throughout your online communities. We have been left to wonder in many cases, as there are those of you who are not being open, honest and forthright. Today we would like for you to be clearer, be as open as you can be, be honest and brazen. Do not worry or concern yourself over what others may think or if others may judge you, for no one has this right to judge you and no one's opinions of you matter at all. It is you and you alone that matter in this regard. It is you and your opinions of yourself that matter, no one else's."  forts.

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