onsdag 22. august 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/21/12 ‘Gifts & Responsibility’ As channeled through Greg Giles

"Sharing the gifts as the ones you are to receive once suitable arrangements can be created and maintained for a proper, safe, productive, cohesive and efficient working environment are gifts that will be presented to you because you have earned them. There is no other way or reason that gifts such as these are presented to a world and its people. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, monitor worlds, their progress and their consciousness and decide if we feel it is time to bear these gifts to them. This decision is based upon several factors, and we shall discuss these now at this time.

Factor one would be if the people of a world are ready for some of these gifts which, in most cases, deal with very advanced technologies. We cannot, of course, offer gifts of advanced technologies to a world that is still in the midst of their agricultural development or any period in their development where they have not yet reached a technological age. Your world, of course, has met this standard, and as a matter of fact you have met this standard some years ago, however, there were certain other standards that your world and your people had not met. One of these is the product of war. A people must demonstrate to us that they have now reached a point in their history where they no longer want war, where they no longer support war, where they no longer feel violence and bloodshed is the means to solve any problem.

We feel there are of those of your world who have reached this level of understanding, although we will say that this understanding is certainly not unanimous among your people, as there are still many of you who believe violence and war is the answer that will solve some and even many of your current problems. This is troubling, as we cannot allow our technologies which, in many cases, are very advanced and can be converted to other means of use. Some of these technologies could, in the wrong hands, be applied or converted to weapons of war and destruction and they can be used to gain more power and control, although that is not what these technologies have been designed for, that is not what we use them for, and that is not the purpose for which we are sharing these gifts with you." forts.

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