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Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. “We Remain Forever Interlinked.” By, Bella Capozzi. August 31, 2012.

Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. “We Remain Forever Interlinked.” By, Bella Capozzi. August 31, 2012.

☆ "Hello, Dear Friends. We love you and greet you with warmest wishes and highest regards.  Today we come simply to remind you that you are beautiful and spectacular in every way-absolutely magnificent beings of the most flawless vibratory quality.  You are us and we are you.  Each one of us are precious pieces of the puzzle that is considered Creation.  We remain forever interlinked as One Group Soul;  made as One, to live, learn and experience as one expression of love.  You think you are alone, yet you are not.  And soon-very, very soon-you shall remember who and what you are, and why you chose to journey to this place which feels to be so far away from Home.

☆ The Creator made us social beings, not loners.  The reason why so many of you have chosen to retreat from the madness you see all around has more to do with basic survival than with disinterest in the human race, or lack of social skill.  It has become a way to protect your tender sensibilities and keep pristine your auric field.  Then there are those who choose to embark on a different, more opposite search for wholeness and peace.  They seek solace in the company of large groups, romantic relationships or within the closeness of the family unit.  Some spend their entire lifetimes in search of that elusive connection, that which they mistakenly believe mirrors the ecstasy of group soul union. They crave completion-the perfect balance of male and female polarities within their own heart, and desire to feel again the powerful, unseverable connection to All That Is.

☆ You are never alone.  You were not cast adrift, devoid of communion with those who dwell in the higher realms, the family who loves you.   You are never without our guidance, and our loving arms stand ready and waiting to enfold you,  and to pick you up when you should stumble.  We are connected-all of us; every living creature great and small, every soul.  The children of the Earth are awakening, albeit slowly, but nonetheless it is so.  Soon, so soon, the truth shall not be  hidden anymore.  Your quest to fill the empty chasm in your heart shall end, and you shall know a joy so indescribable, we find it impossible to describe using  the words of your human language.

☆ Allow yourselves to grow and change.  Spread your wings and embrace the new.  Try not to cling to old ways of being which no longer feel right, and do trust your infallible inner guidance system to show you the way Home.  Yes, you may lapse back into certain self-destructive behavior patterns for a time, but then you never fail to pull yourselves back out.  It’s a bit of a seesaw, up-and-down and back-and-forth, until you finally get it right.  This is as it it should be; and know that your higher-self allows your Human-self to backslide for no other reason than to illustrate how much these behavior patterns no longer serve you.  Look upon these small roadblocks not as failures but as opportunities for further growth.

☆ Transformation is always preceded by a period of experimentation.  Allow for some trial and error.  You are merging with your higher wisdom, expanding and growing your 5th dimensional lightbodies.  It is no small task, this activation of your dormant strands of DNA.  It would be most overwhelming to your Human sensibilities were this to occur all at once!  The pace of Ascension and transfiguration is different for everyone, thus it is also important to never unfavorably compare your own personal journey with somebody else’s.  Rather than lapse into a competetive mindset, choose instead to encourage and support each other.  Your New Earth shall be a society based solely on unconditional love, creativity and unity, and we seek nothing more than to enjoy a blessed reunion with you there."

We are the Representatives of The Pleiadian Archangelic Realm.
Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. “We Remain Forever Interlinked.” By, Bella Capozzi. August 31, 2012. | The Angel Diaries

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