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Sophia Love – Who Hit The Replay Button? – 31 August 2012

Sophia Love – Who Hit The Replay Button? – 31 August 2012
It’s like someone pressed replay.

"In the last several weeks I’ve either heard from, or run into people whom I haven’t seen in years.  The first time it was interesting.  The sixth time, which was last night on a walk in the nearby park, it was sort of mind blowing.  It’s like a weird sort of family reunion, only it feels more like a review than a visit.  I am bumping into everyone who’s played some role in my life, however brief; sort of re-living who I was then, and then, and then, and then… Parts of me I had forgotten are once again saying hello.  Not all of these are welcome guests.  I’ve worked very hard to extricate them and thought I’d never see them again.  I was wrong.  I may need a twelve step program; Addictions Anonymous.

What is an addiction?  It is something that seems to take over and recur without thought.  You become a slave to this impulsive thought, behavior, food, drug or drink. Consciousness means perhaps we can identify them now, it does not mean they are gone.  As we become more aware, all of who we’ve ever been is checking in.  “Are you sure?” “Shouldn’t you be afraid?” “Who do you think you are anyway?” “Stop all this, it’s too weird!”

Our habits of fear and low self esteem are staring us down – daring us to ignore them. They are like any worthy addiction and will not be denied.  The way to deal with these challenges is to love them.  This is the only thing that seems to work.  It takes the wind out of their sails.  Then it is just a matter of persistence.  Absorption, not resistance, will see us through.

We’re wired to be addicted here.  It’s what keeps us focused on this solid 3D life we are in.  It’s time for some new addictions – success, happiness, love, abundance, fun. They may not be our habitual thoughts today, but with practice they could be. Practice for the next dimension.

We tend to gloss over the good stuff – from now on, don’t.  Feel it and celebrate it. Allow it to grow in your heart, experience how it feels in your body.  You’ll inevitably want more.  This is conscious creation, and the best antidote for self abusive addictions.

When an old self destructive version of you shows up, gently tell him to take a seat. Then see yourself as you want to be; strong, shining, powerful and loving – standing right there.  With a warm hug and a gentle goodbye, let the seated version of you go. When I do this, she sort of dissolves by becoming pixilated and I absorb her.  She is me, and I love her.  It’s okay.  I know who I am now.  I am love.

We are here now to release the bonds of density and slavery.  We have come to embody freedom, while we demonstrate truth.  We are not our addictions, our habits or our past. We are powerful beings of light, here to show how this is done.

Tenacious and fearless, we will love ourselves beyond all reason.  There is nothing in society that tells us we should.  The rules we have memorized outline only why we shouldn’t.  We are changing the rules right now, denying every self-defeating impulse and loving ourselves.  We are doing this.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for." link to original article

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